Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boba Fett Mandalorian helmet build !

I started out building replica lightsabers from tutorials on , but My Boba Fett helmet build is what I consider my real start into replicas. Here is a write up of that project, or at least what I can remember of it ! I wish I had more pictures, but the external hard drive that had most of my pics died :(
I found a cool tutorial over at Intructables for a Boba Fett costume and started of course with the helmet, I downloaded printable patterns and traced them onto cardboard (NOT corrugated), then I cut them out and glued them together to form the basic helmet shape I needed.

I then used fiberglass resin to coat it inside and out, which you can buy at Walmart, Lowe’s, or an auto parts store. Once that cured I first tried a drywall filler that wasn’t that great to smooth out the dome, from that point on I stuck to using good old Bondo ! I cut out the front visor section and tried it on.

It fit !   after much toil sanding and smoothing, I finall got it primered and started painting it. I used lots of reference photos and did my best guessing standing in the spraypaint section at wallyworld with the pictures on my cellphone! The very first coat of paint was a chrome-like silver.

Then I used a small paintbrush and liquid car wax, along with alot of references, some from the folks over at to mask off the battle damage.  I did this throughout all coats of paint, Chrome, blue, yellowm and the final green. I really was pleased with is my first real attempt at battle damage/weathering.

I made the “ears" out of wood, shaped with a dremel tool and sealed them with resin, I also cut the rangefinder shaft out of wood and used the chrome paint, then gave it a quick spritz of black and rubbed it in real quick for a dirty metal look. I cut out a piece of clear plastic from a poster cover for the visor and tinted it with the darkest auto window tint I could buy. The rangefinder itself was a pepakura file I found on TheDentedHelmet.

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