Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boba Fett jetpack

Next in line was a jetpack for my costume, I used a tutorial by Honus on for a start, doing some things a little different. I used a pattern made by a member of TheDentedHelmet and cut everything out of cardboard and started gluing.

I also used the same method for weathering by using s silver coat first, then masking off damge with car wax. I then painted it in layers of yellow, blue, white, and red

The rocket was made from cardstock, and sintra and is attached to the main body using the top of a "Simply Orange" juice bottle so I can easily remove the rocket for transportation and storage.

 The thrusters are made from the tops of renuizit air fresheners attached to wooden craft balls from Michael's. I made a temporary cape from an old pair of greenish workpants by cutting off the leg and taking out the seam.

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