Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Judge Dredd Lawgiver (comic version)

I was recently commissioned to build the Lawgiver from the Judge Dredd comics. I definitely liked the style of this version better than either of the movie versions!

 I started by printing an image from a Google search sized to what I needed. I cut the base frame out of MDF with the intention of adding all the details with various plastics.

I built  the front section out of Sintra, those vents were a pain to get right !

I attached the front section to the MDF frame after skinning the frame with styrene. This made finishing it easier as raw MDF is terrible to get a smooth finish on. I built the top half round box out of Sintra and added red acrylic to the inside for the lens.The grip pads were separate pieces recessed into the grips and held in with 2 small screws each.

I cut the appropriate size barrel  from a piece of pvc and made the barrel shroud out of Sintra carefully making sure it fit perfectly.

The rear cylindrical piece was made by using a small plastic cup and pouring a blank from Smooth On Onyx, I also embedded a screw into it at this time. I put my drill into my Panavise and used it like a lathe to turn down the blank into the right diameter and shape with my Dremel. I cut the lines in by hand with a razor saw.

I made the little badge by hand from Sintra and styrene, then I cast copies for the side of the pistol.

I made the Magazine from Sintra also and used embedded magnets to hold it in place in the magwell. I also used some brass tuing to make some fake bullets for effect.

I make the front detail piece under the barrel tip and added a red led lens for detail.
this begins the long primer/sand/repeat stage that's booooooring.

Paint! Here it is all painted up with my airbrush. (the black was rattlecan) This is the last stage before weathering.

Finished! I was really happy with the final result! The silver edge wear was done with silver Rub'nBuff on a piece of craft foam.