Thursday, June 30, 2011

Boba Fett Gauntlets

After my helmet build, I decided to go ahead with the rest of the costume, at this point I was really researching for reference pictures and info. I started a set of gauntlets using a combination of sintra and pepakura , I lost most of my pics of the build with a crashed hard drive so sorry for the lack of pics.  I started off by making a base for the gauntlet , first using cardboard to make a pattern, then using the sintra which was heated in very hot water and formed around my forearm. After that was done, I used the pepakura model to make the bulk of the gauntlets from card stock.

I then coated the entire thing in resin and sanded it smooth, using a little spot putty wherever needed. I cut the gauntlets in half lengthwise and used small hinges on one side, and velcro on the other to make it much easier to get on and off.

Once all of the shaping was done, I primered them with automotive primer, finish sanded, and put on a coat of chrome paint for the "metal" basecoat. I masked off the battle damage, scrapes, and gouges using the same carwax method as the helmet. I then gave it a coat of red paint, and used some black "overspray" for scorching and dirtying. After everything is dry, I took a plastic scraper and a rag and scraped off the dry car wax, leaving the bare metal look in the damaged areas.

I used a rubber calculator pad for the control pad, which is not screen accurate but I liked it. I also used some nice metal coaxial plugs from Lowe's for the flamethrower nozzles and I used a 4pack of disposable meat thermometers for the darts also.

I'll take more pics of the finished gauntlets and add them later !

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