Monday, May 26, 2014

Iron Spawn Helmet

This is a work in progress on my Iron Man- Spawn helmet crossover project. It's not finished, but I wanted to share what I have as this is taking forever!

I started off with an unfinished Iron Man Helmet project that needed help. It was made from a pepakura base of a Sharkmark file.

After looking at a bunch of Spawn faces on Google, I free handed a design for the "mask", Then cut some thin strips of Sintra to make the outline.
It was then filled in with sintra scraps, both to fill in the void, and to maintain the same depth.

It was all filled in with Bondo !
I cut out the Spawn symbol from some styrene
....and put them on some custom ear pucks I made

After tons and tons of sanding, I finally got the basecoat of black paint on, and masked it off for the white

After paint, I put in some green led's and experimented with teeth in the jaw and BLAM ! .... Iron Spawn !

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