Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dragonball Z Scouter

This is a prop I have wanted to make for myself for a long time. My blog is soon to pass 9,000 hits and to commemorate the occasion, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to tackle this build. I did most of it in one day so it was pretty easy.

I kinda went off this pic for reference, but since pretty much every scouter in the series is a little different, I basically just made it how I wanted it
IT"S OVER 8,400 !!!

First I made a frame of sorts out of Sintra, cut a hole for the recess area and made a little box to be glued under the whole so I could add the vent piece later

 I then made a pattern for the sides from cardstock and traced those on to thin styrene sheet to wrap around the frame, and glued them in place

I used cardstock again to mock up the lens and the lens arm to make sure it would fit my face good

I then made the lens arm from Sintra and styrene and glued it in place. I left a slot in the tip to slide the lens into and used a screw to fasten it. this also allows me to adjust the depth of the lens. I also cut some strips of Sintra and shingled them on top of one another for the vent. This was painted separately and glued in later for a clean look.

 I used Eva foam for the ear padding. It was the right color and easy to cut and shape into what I needed. Inside is a plactic earpiece that hooks onto the ear kinda like a bluetooth headset. The scouter looks huge on the foam head because the dummy head is way small.

I tried tinting the lens blue by soaking it in hot water with blue fabric dye, but unfortunately since I used a dense acrylic instead of PETG plastic, the lens didn't take the color at all. I used a Prismacolor marker to do it red for the picture, rubbing it in with a paper towel to keep it from looking too splotchy. I will make another lens from the proper plastic later and try again.

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  1. Can u post pictures of the shapes u used to make the scouter