Friday, June 29, 2012

The science is done, and I've made a new gun, for the people who are still alive !

 There are so many well documented builds of very well made Portal Guns, I will just highlight my build as some things may be unique to my project. I have wanted to tackle this ever since I saw Volpin's first build a few years ago, and finally decided to give it a try myself.

I started off making the barrel pretty much how Volpin made his, using pvc and Apoxiesculpt

For the rear chamber, I glued together 2- 4" couplings and cut them down the middle. I made it an oval tube by adding a strip of styrene on each side as seen here

I made the rear shell out of insulation foam that was glued together into a block, then sculpted into the shape I need with a knife and 60 grit sandpaper. I sealed this with Smoothcast resin before skimming it in bondo and sanding smooth

The barrel "nozzle" was made from a pvc reducer and a 2" coupling. the center band and lip was formed with Apoxiesculpt. The center detail was cut from an end insert for a roll of butcher paper !

I made the center light tube from an acrylic rod for rolling out clay, bought from Michael's and made the caps for mounting the l.e.d's from pvc adapters.

I made the rear panel fron 1/4" acrylic, painting the inside surface black. I bought the drawer pull as a handle from Lowe's.

I cut the claws out of styrene by hand

The ends of the claws were made from styrene also, the gaps filled in with Apoxiesculpt

I mounted the front led board into the barrel nozzle, and the speaker into the main barrel body

here is a mock up with trim plates installed

All put together, I used bendable wire as armature for the rubber tubes to help them keep shape

I still need to print out the proper decals for it

The lighting and sounds came from a kit from a member of the RPF named Crix (not Volpin), It has startup, shutdown and the 2 different sounds for each color, along with an idle sound. 


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