Monday, February 6, 2012

Vash the Stampede's Longcolt .45 from Trigun Replica

Here is my write up on my latest build, Vash the Stampede's Longcolt .45 from Trigun ! I have always wanted one of these since watching the anime, unfortunately, the only kits available that I could find are horrible, and most of them are recasts, So I made my own ! I started off by printing up a picture of the gun to scale and making patterns out of cardstock. I used mostly 1/4 MDF layered together for most of the gun cutting it and building it up in layers, kinda like an MRI scan. I sealed all mdf with shellac and sanded smooth before molding it and casting the frame of the gun in Smooth-on's Smoothcast 32 series urethane resin.

I used Fevereon prop's trigger/hammer design from a gun she built as the basis of my design for a moving trigger/hammer assembly. I built the barrel out of a top and bottom piece of wood, with the barrel heat sinks sandwiched in between. the heat sinks were made from various widths of styrene strips glued together. for some reason I cannot find any in progress pics of this step :(
I made the cylinder pretty easy, I found a pvc pipe that was already the right diameter. I found a nice selection of various diameter brass tubing at the hobby store and cut six pieces that fit nicely inside the pipe.

I filled it in with Apoxiesculpt and sanded it smooth. I have some brass pipe that fits perfectly inside the cylinder tubes to make some bullets with

Next up was the trigger guard, which I cut out of mdf with my tabletop scroll saw, sealed with shellac, and sanded smooth. Sealing the mdf with shellac keeps it from tearing up while sanding, and makes a nice smooth, non-porous surface for painting and molding I have seen where some prop builders paint on a coat of super glue for the same purpose
Vash's gun is a top break model, and reloads similar to a shotgun, there is a thumblever on both sides that open and closes a latch on the top of the revolver. I made this out of styrene, as I also did with the top rail which the latch attaches to.
For the grips, I used 5 layers of 1/4 mdf, I used double sided tape to keep them together while I shaped them by hand with a dremel, tabletop belt sander, and files and sandpaper.
The gip goes on in 2 halves and held on by screws, just like a real gun. I coated the grips with textured rustoleum paint,(a trick learned from Volpin Props), and then coated that with Plastidip spray on rubber.

So, here are a few more pics of the whole gun,

Thanks for looking at my build !



  1. Is there a way i could buy a completed replica of this from you? it looks so good but all i can find is the resin kits and i dont know how to do that.

  2. I am working on making molds of the gun and may put something up for sale somewhat soon. I'll be posting them up on my facebook fanpage when they are done. Thanks for your interest !