Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scarlet Witch costume headpiece

So this is my first comissioned replica ! A friend in Canada wants to cosplay as the Scarlet Witch and I was asked to make part of the costume, This was a really easy piece and was made with scrap stuff I already had so the write up will be short.
The above image does not belong to me and was not created by me, it is a sample found through a google image search and used as a reference in my project.

I was given some basic measurements and guessed at alot of it , I started with a cardboard pattern that was bent and tested to get the shape right.

 I then used the pattern as a template for the real thing made from Sintra which was formed to shape in boiling water, then cooled under the faucet to set it.

I used a spare adjustable headband from an L.E.D headlamp that I used on my Predator mask build. I painted it a deep red first, wet-sanded, then top coated some bright red spray paint before sealing it with a clearcoat.


  1. I don't mind people reblogging or linking to my posts, all I ask is to be able to see it. If I'm not welcome to see where my work is re-posted, then you are not welcome to re-post it. I appreciate any and all attention and comments, but they are useless to me if I cannot read them. Thanks.

  2. My 6 year old wants to be the SCarlett Witch for Halloween. This is the one piece I can't just improvise... any tips for a mom? Thanks

    1. I added a couple more pics to the post to help everybody. As far as your situation, I am thinking maybe finding some stiff cardboard, not corragated like boxes, but the flat stuff like cereal boxes. If you could find something a bit thicker than cereal box carboard it would be better, but cereal box stuff might work if you laminated a few layers together. You could cut out the shape and work in the contours between your fingers. paint it with some craft paint and if possible, spray some clearcoat over it from a spraycan to seal it. Another thought is to laminate the cardboard with a plastic "for sale" sign for a better finish, not sure how that would turn out. Yet another option would be to make it out of craft foam sheets and "paint" on a good coat of Elmer's type glue to make it hard. The glue should dry clear and make it shiny. I hope these ideas help, and good luck with the costume !

  3. Awesome! My 6yr old wants to be Wanda too. Thanks for the ideas on the headpiece!

  4. Hola senor Weasel! All you work is awesome and quite amazing. Even the simple stuff. I just started getting into cosplay and prop creation, and I bought my first sheets of sintra. I have 1mm sintra and I believe it is too small. What size sintra did you use? If I use boiling water instead of an oven I assume the buckling will decrease, but do I need thicker sintra too?

  5. All of the Sintra I get is scrap from sign shops, and are not labeled as to the thickness, I do believe it's a little thicker that 1 mil but not by much. I recommend near-boiling water or a heat gun for forming it, if you get it too hot it will curl up weird and be a pain to get flat again. Good luck !

  6. Are you willing to make another? I'm trying to find a head piece of good quality and can not find one. If you could email me back and let me know that would be great.

  7. This is amazing! You wouldn't happen to be willing to send the pattern to me would you?, if so. Seriously great work!